Object to the Proposed Development


As a concerned Cape Town resident, South African or global citizen you can help us send a very clear message to the City of Cape Town and the developer by completing the objection letter below.

We cannot send the objection letter on your behalf from this website as it needs to originate from your email. We have created this simple process to make it as simple as possible for you to object (should take no longer than 2 minutes).

Step 1

Complete this objection form and press submit.

Step 2

Bridges not Barriers will send you the completed form to the email address specified on your completed objection form below within 24 hours (please bear with us - this process is human-powered - not automated)

Step 3

Please forward this email to comments_objections.tablebay@capetown.gov.za by the 16 February 2016 and make your voice heard.


Letter of Objection to proposed development on erven 8210 and 144698, central cape town, application ref: 70268599

Name *
I object as *
I/we strongly object to the proposed development on the grounds listed below. The proposed development will negatively affect me/us personally and the value of my/our property, as well as negatively affecting the immediate surrounding areas, the Bo-Kaap and Central Cape Town. The proposed development will
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Tell your friends and family about these threatened places. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself. Join now and make an impact!

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