Take action to protect the Bo-Kaap’s Heritage

As a concerned Bo-Kaap, Cape Town resident, South African or Global citizen you can help us send a very clear message of support to the City of Cape Town for Bo-Kaap to receive Heritage Protection by completing this electronic submission before midnight (SA time) on Wednesday 20 February.

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Email: lums@capetown.gov.za

cc: comments.hpoz.bokaap@gmail.com

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Letter of Support for Bo-Kaap Heritage Protection

City of Cape Town
c/o Development Management
Tel.: (021) 400.2298
Contact email: heritage.resources@capetown.gov.za

Reference:   Proposed Designation of Land Units in Bo-Kaap to Have a Heritage Protection Overlay Zoning

Subject: Support for HPOZ Guidelines for Bo Kaap

Dear Madam/Sir,

 I fully agree and support the proposed designation of land units in the Bo-Kaap to have a Heritage Protection overlay Zoning(HPOZ).

I recognise the heritage conservation nature of Bo-Kaap as a unique historical urban landscape with a vibrant, living culture and way of life.

I firmly believe that HPOZ will help protect Bo-Kaap as the oldest surviving residential neighbourhood of the City of Cape Town and South Africa.

I acknowledge the tangible and intangible aspects of heritage, including our parks, streets and for example the intangible “stoeps” culture.

I recall the uniqueness and the way of life in Bo-Kaap, a community that has lived for nearly 300 years within original boundaries stretching from Queen Victoria Street to the South (ref. Mosques in Long Street), to the Kramats on Signal Hill to the North, Military Road and Carrisbrook Street to the West, and Ebenezer Street in the De Waterkant (ref. the Vos Street Mosque) to the East.

I agree with the boundaries of the Proposed HPOZ (21 January 2019) as stretching from Buitengracht Street to the South, Signal Hill to the North, to Military Road and Carrisbrook Street to the West, and Strand Street, including the Strand Street Quarry and the grave sites on Loader Street, De Waterkant, to the East.

I strongly stress to be protected as part and parcel of the Proposed HPOZ for Bo-Kaap places of major cultural and historical significance to the people of Bo-Kaap the St Stephens Church on Heritage Square, Prestwich Primary School, and Trafalgar and Herald Cressy High Schools.

I demand that the intangible “lived heritage” of the Bo-Kaap community be an integral part of the proposed HPOZ, which makes our area unique; and must include the amplified Vocal Athaan, Minstrels Parade, Muharram, Moulood, Funerals, and the bells of St Pauls.

I demand a conservation management/precinct plan that is developed in partnership and thorough consultation with the Bo-Kaap community and the City of Cape Town.  

I compel, with the understanding that the HPOZ is a living document, as set out in the Proposed HPOZ Guideline (ref. HPOZ, page 5), that the City work with the community on the “specific provisions in terms of the DMS [Development Management Scheme] (which) must still be developed and implemented after the designation of the HPOZ.”

I demand additional Special Provisions, including appropriate height restrictions as most Bo-Kaap buildings are 1 to 3 storeys.

I call on the City to correct the mechanism under the Municipal Planning By-law (2015) that allows for property owners to develop without community comment if they are within their zoning rights, which is in breach of the Constitution.

I call on the Mayor to put a moratorium immediately on all developments (excluding private homes) until such time as the HPOZ is implemented.

I demand an independent inquiry as to why the HPOZ (a process that commenced in 2013) was stalled for 3 years under the De Lille administration, after initial community approval in 2015.

I demand that respectful and appropriately scaled development takes into consideration the Bo-Kaap community’s history and future, and is informed by community wellbeing; co-creating and co- governing the kind of place that respects the dynamic historical, social and cultural context of the area – a place that both honours the past and considers our grandchildren’s grandchildren.

I fully support Heritage Protection for the Bo-Kaap (HPOZ).

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